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Our Clients

Our Guests

Over the years, remarkable guests have entered our doors, famous personalities or people outside showbiz, all of which are distinct people and whose appreciations motivate us and oblige us to be grateful for their friendship and good thoughts. Among the renowned people, we remind:

Francis Ford Coppola

Italian film director, producer and screen writer, known for directing the “Godfather” series, “The Conversation” and “Apocalypse Now”:
"You are my family in this country…you have created something beautiful here."

Nikita Mihalkov

"Spielberg” of Russia, film producer and actor, Oscar winner:
“Thanks for the hospitality. I will come back!”

Abraham F. Murray

American actor who became famous in the ‘80s, after winning the Oscar for the best actor in his role as Amadeus.
“I have travelled around the world and this is the place where I feel entirely at home…I feel like it is my family.”

Goran Bregović

Yugoslavian musician. He composed for artist such as Iggy Pop, Cesária Évora. Among his greatest creations are the plays in Emir Kusturica’s movies:
“I come here for the sun on the terrace, beautiful people; everything that is good in Bucharest starts and ends here.”

Paul Sorvino

Italian-american actor, he has made a solid career by imaging authoritarian figures. He is the father of actress Mira Sorvino, winner of Academy Award.
“The food is excellent and the atmosphere is relaxing, enchanting!”

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